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Living with ADHD

Produced by Kent Surrey and Sussex AHSN

YOURmeds - digital medication management

Wessex AHSN hosted a webinar for YOURmeds in Dec 2020. This system helps individuals take the right medication at the right time. The mobile-enabled YOURmeds Tag clips to a special monitored dosage pack filled by the pharmacy, and visually and audibly alerts at the time medication is due to be taken. If an error is made โ€“ late, forgotten, incorrect day or excess dose โ€“ the Tag will inform the userโ€™s support network via a cascade of smart-phone alerts, so the right support can be mobilised.

Discover how West Lothian Council and Manchester City Council are using YOURmeds to manage medication in the community. By empowering someone to take their medication, West Lothian Council is using the adherence data as a daily cognitive check. A drop in adherence is a quick way to promote preventative health and social care. The webinar was chaired by Charles Lowe, CEO of the Digital Health and Care Alliance (1 hour)

FREED: learning from Scaling Up Improvement project

First Episode and Rapid Early Intervention for Eating Disorders (FREED) is a new early intervention service for young people with eating disorders in the UK. The project implemented FREED across four specialist eating disorder services in Greater London and Yorkshire and are continuing to scale up the service across the UK. The project is led by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

Transforming ADHD assessments in children

The research and evaluation of QbTest an objective assessment tool used in the East Midlands

Focus ADHD - from a clinicians perspective presentation

Focus ADHD- from a clinicians perspective presentation-Dr Julie Carke