Andrew Sibley

Programme Manager Evaluation (Qualitative)

Andrew undertook his PhD at the Centre for Innovation and Leadership, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton. He spent 13 years working on health services research studies in the university sector. He has worked in a range of nursing, medicine, and psychology departments in Southampton and London. Andrew’s main research interests are long-term conditions, in particular medication use in diabetes care, implementation science, and evaluating new care models.

Before joining the organisation, Andrew worked as a researcher for the Isle of Wight Vanguard/New Care Models programme. He was involved in the evaluation of a range of initiatives that sought to transform community (e.g. care navigation) and acute services.

As a programme manager at Health Innovation Wessex, Andrew works on a range of national and local evaluations and provides qualitative and implementation science expertise to the Insight team.


  • Innovation Evaluations

  • NHS Vanguards

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