Nikki King

Programme Manager Innovation Adoption

Nikki is the Workstream Lead for the NHSE Medicines Safety Improvement Programme. She is a registered midwife with 16 years of NHS experience working within the Wessex region. Nikki has worked as a senior clinical leader on labour wards for most of that time with a passion for patient safety developing during her career. She gained a first-class honours degree and has completed modules in Public Health at MSc level.

Nikki has worked on the project to establish a ’24 hour labour line’ whilst working for a local trust which has since been scaled up across one of the Local Maternity Systems in Wessex. More recently she has been in a quality assurance role before moving into a combined educational and patient safety role which is her passion. Within this role, she gained further experience in providing professional leadership in relation to managing deterioration whilst working in collaboration with other stakeholders to reduce adverse birth outcomes associated with monitoring the baby in labour.

When Nikki is not at work she can normally be found outside, either gardening, tending to her pets, on a campsite (potentially with lots of Guides as she is also a Guide Leader!), at a festival or in her campervan (given the opportunity!).

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