Independent evaluation of iQAAPS - A digital tool to audit aseptic pharmacy services within Trusts and Health Boards in England and Wales

Category: Innovation Adoption, Digital Transformation, Real World Evaluation

Date: 2023

In October 2021, QuiqSolutions was commissioned by the Specialist Pharmacy Service to provide a digital tool for managing the auditing of Aseptic Pharmacy Services within trusts and health boards across the United Kingdom. The Quality Assurance of Aseptic Preparation Services (QAAPS) standards have been operationalised onto a bespoke web-based digital system (‘iQAAPS’) for audit and oversight of unlicensed NHS Pharmacy Aseptic Units. 

This national evaluation explored the value, impact and challenges of iQAAPS from three key perspectives: Chief Pharmacists, Aseptic Unit staff, and Auditors. iQAAPS was positively received by most stakeholders, more so by Chief Pharmacists, but there was considerable regional variation in views.

iQAAPS provided the anticipated enhanced oversight and assurance of aseptic units – with high numbers of stakeholders reporting iQAAPS improved hospital-level oversight of aseptic unit activities and provides a national view of performance. 

Final report

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