Independent Evaluation of AccuRx Florey Plus in Hampshire & Isle of Wight Integrated Care Board

Category: Covid-19, Digital Transformation, Real World Evaluation

Date: 2022

An independent evaluation of AccuRx Florey Plus, an online surveying tool for gathering patient information/data to support patient care, explored the value of the intervention within general practice settings in Hampshire. The analyses included 163 practices in HIOW ICB, who were all at some point open between February 2020 and April 2022. The total number of Floreys used between February 2020 and April 2022 was 249,074. This comprised 217,449 Florey Lite surveys and 31,625 Florey Plus surveys. The COVID-19 Florey surveys were the most used and the Asthma Florey survey was the second most used. Findings throughout this evaluation indicate AccuRx Florey Lite and Plus are positively regarded in most situations across HIOW ICB, but a high variation in the use of their features and different Florey surveys was also apparent. Findings suggest there is reasonably large untapped potential in this patient communication system.

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