Impacts of “Leading Inclusively with Cultural Intelligence masterclass” for Frimley ICS leaders


Date: 2022

Wessex Academic Health Science Network (WAHSN) were commissioned by NHS South East Leadership Academy to independently evaluate “Leading Inclusively with Cultural Intelligence masterclass” provided by Above Difference Limited to leaders in Frimley Integrated Care System (ICS).This mixed methods project included qualitative interviews and surveys with a sub-sample of the staff members who completed the masterclass. The evaluation aimed to understand the impact of this masterclass and whether it should be funded by the ICS in the future. In summary, this masterclass was found to be a valuable and commissionable intervention to support senior health system leaders enhance their cultural awareness. It effected a change in participants’ cultural intelligence understanding, a change in their personal approach to leadership, and there were indications this would be sustained into the future. However, to significantly improve the cultural intelligence of a system, focusing on the leaders was found to potentially not be enough. Ongoing evaluation of the masterclass by Frimley ICS would be beneficial to explore whether similar or greater gains in cultural intelligence awareness would be possible if this masterclass was provided to different types of staff, with different seniority levels, and potentially focusing on those from the majority ethnic background.

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