Independent Evaluation of CHOICE 2021

Category: Innovation Adoption, Digital Transformation, New Care Models

Date: 2021

CHOICE is a web-based application for cochlear implant users who wish to manage their own hearing health at home, developed by the University of Southampton. This independent evaluation was commissioned as part of The Health Foundation Scaling Up Improvement Programme to understand the extent to which CHOICE was adopted across seven cochlear implant centres, its impact on users (staff and people using the care programme), and the factors which enabled or hindered its scaling up.

This evaluation showed the importance of innovation readiness for scale up and that more development and testing of CHOICE prior to rolling out at scale may have led to greater success.

CHOICE Evaluation Final Report 2021
Supplementary material 1 - CHOICE NoMAD Survey
Supplementary material 2 - CHOICE R-Outcomes surveys
Supplementary material 3 - CHOICE Qualitative fieldwork
Supplementary material 4 - CHOICE Lessons
Supplementary material 5 - CHOICE Protocol

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