Little Journey

Innovation Type: Patient Self-management

Innovation Origin: NHS Innovator Accelerator (NIA)

Little Journey is a health behaviour modification tool designed to reduce children’s anxiety before a healthcare procedure by using a smartphone app that provides age-tailored immersive and interactive content.

It uses varying active behaviour modification mechanisms tailored to the end user to support them through their treatment. From familiarisation through interactive games, desensitisation using virtual reality tours to coping skills education via child narrated animations, Little Journey engages and empowers families in their care.

Little Journey can prepare and support both children and adults during any healthcare interaction, whether a single blood test or a complex research trial protocol. Through medication adherence and research support tools – as well standard preparation and support for a clinical procedure – Little Journey promotes trial recruitment, reduces early withdrawal and supports adherence to the medication under investigation. Overall, by nurturing positive health behaviours, Little Journey reduces anxiety and distress while engaging families in their care.

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