Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS)

Innovation Type: Training Platform

Innovation Origin: NHS Innovator Accelerator (NIA)

Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS) scales the training and recruitment of healthcare professional by delivering interactive, dynamic clinical experiences in virtual reality.

Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS) delivers virtual clinical experiences, helping hospitals train and assess healthcare professionals. Using VR headsets or on screen, clinicians can see patients in virtual clinical scenarios, receive feedback and repeat as needed to improve performance.

Training scenarios are designed by educators and clinicians or built collaborative with hospitals. They allow doctors and nurses to perform as they would do normally, playing the role of the clinicians, seeing unwell patients and managing them as in real life. Patients are controlled by artificial intelligence, with realistic physiology and dynamic interaction – making them look and seem real. Learners can speak to, examine, perform procedures on, make diagnoses and work with their virtual team as needed.

For more information, please visit: https://nhsaccelerator.com/innovation/oxford-medical-simulation/

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