KI Active

Innovation Type: Patient Self-management

Innovation Origin: NHS Innovator Accelerator (NIA)

KiActiv is a mentor-guided digital therapy which enables patients with long term conditions and those on rehabilitation pathways to self-care at home using their personal everyday physical activity.

KiActiv is a mentor-guided digital therapy that make peoples’ personal everyday physical activity a medicine for improving their health, managing long term conditions, and for rehabilitation. It empowers people to make sustainable behaviour change in the context of their health, capacity and environment, without the need to visit gyms or clinics.

KiActiv analyses physical activity data from a validated activity monitor in multiple dimensions, which are all independently important to health. The data is instantly displayed in the user’s personalised online dashboard, which is available 24/7 and incorporates clinically proven behaviour change techniques, to provide meaningful and actionable feedback. Telephone support is given by a trained KiActiv Mentor at key times during the first 12 weeks, helping a user gain the confidence to plan, monitor and improve, without compulsion or prescription.

It is accessible to all, has no barriers to age or mobility and is proven to engage hard to reach groups and to be effective in areas of deprivation.

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