Older people

What was delivered in 2022-23? 

  • We hosted two virtual events. The first on Social Isolation and Loneliness was held in October 2022 and helped create a repository of resources in this area. The second on Falls prevention Innovation was held in February 2023 and helped connect clinical and operational staff with the latest innovations and evidence based best practice. Both events were well attended, with a total of 147 delegates including community voices, health and care leaders. Event recordings and resources were shared following the event to reach wider audiences. 
  • We delivered our 2022 Wessex AHSN Proactive Care audit, which brought together 58 responses from health and care organisation, hospices and the voluntary sector to highlight best practices and opportunities within proactive care provision. This resulted in the development of a high-quality dashboard and community voice approach, and included delivery of an interactive workshop to over 40 delegates, identifying four key areas of focus and 18 recommendations.
  • Over 47,000 launches of our frailty e-learning module across four nations.
  • We successfully supported an NIHR Advanced Fellowship application. The total value of fellowship award is £1.1 million over four-year period from December 2022.
  • Our Urgent Community Response (UCR) toolkit was nominated for a Health Services Journal Award, and was adopted by Skills for Health UCR Capabilities Frameworks.
  • We worked with UnLtd and key stakeholders in Portsmouth to develop an approach to finding, funding, supporting and working with social entrepreneurs, which was shared more widely in Wessex.
  • We delivered two innovative projects, which contributed to Office for Life Sciences (OLS) metrics: ‘Insights into sharing frailty information within and across settings’ and ‘Integrated frailty virtual wards with a focus on the development of the Wessex frailty virtual ward translator tool'.
  • Working with expert frailty clinical leads and representatives from our Integrated Care Boards, we co-designed and developed the Wessex frailty virtual ward translator tool to support system partners optimise their frailty virtual ward delivery offer.
  • We shared our programme work across three Future NHS collaborative workspaces (Community Health Services, Same Day Emergency Care, and Anticipatory/Proactive Care), enabling the sharing of learning and best practice.

Wessex AHSN Frailty Fundamentals interactive dashboard

  • We progressed development of frailty fundamentals, an interactive dashboard signposting to useful resources and toolkits. The latest developments allow quick and easy access to programme work on a one-page document.
  • We supported listening activities for the NHS Insights Prioritisation Programme (NIPP), working with our academic partners to deliver a series of six community engagement listening events across Wessex, listening to the voices of 60 adults aged 65+ on the use of digital remote monitoring to support health and care needs in the community.
  • We maintained delivery of our wider spread and adoption programme of work, including frailty e-learning, frailty screening and identification.
  • We ensured case studies and feedback were distilled into our programme review to evidence the breadth of our work and its impact. 

“Since its launch [delivering an urgent community frailty response service – an ambulance and service provider implementation toolkit], the service has adopted a more integrated approach in order to effectively respond to the diverse and complex needs of older people. The service now interlinks with the urgent community response model, providing a whole system, sustainable approach to the crisis and urgent response to care needs.”

Consultant Nurse for Frailty, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

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